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Beitar Jerusalem FC News and Highlights

Moshe Hogeg

Despite several months of difficulties, Beitar Jerusalem FC seems to be overcoming recent setbacks, with the team taking on seven new players in recent months. The team has then gone on to win a handful of matches against Hapoel Jerusalem and Sektzia Nes Tziona. Whether Beitar can extend its recent victories is still up for question, but it seems that the team is at a turning point.

With some fresh blood in the mix, owner Moshe Hogeg and fans are hopeful that Beitar Jerusalem FC will be able to compete and restore its reputation as a six-time national champion team. Take a moment to read up on all of the latest news and highlights and discover how Beitar is working to overcome past challenges and become the prize-winning team of Israel.

Beitar Jerusalem FC Picks Up 7 New Transfers

With many fans and sports analysts worrying that the team would be unable to pick up fresh players to compete in the 2022/23 season, these fears have been quashed, though, as the team has successfully managed to recruit six new transfers from Israel and an additional international transfer, Danilo Asprilla, from Colombia.

Asprilla has so far shown that he can help carry the team toward victory, scoring two goals for Beitar against Sektzia Ness Ziona in their September 4th matchup. With Asprilla’s addition to the squad, Beitar Jerusalem fans are more hopeful than ever that their team will make strides to overcome its currently diminished position and claw its way back to the top in the upcoming season.

Asprilla’s contract is set to expire at the end of Jun 30, 2023, however it does come with a renewal offer should he wish to stay with the Israeli national team. Although the team is still working to iron out existing kinks in its gameplay, it’s clear that Beitar has a renewed sense of hope.

Moshe Hogeg

Along With its 3-0 Victory Against Sektzia Ness Ziona, Beitar Also Wins 1-0 Against Hapoel Jerusalem

In what was a close and much-anticipated game, Beitar Jerusalem FC finally came out on top against one of its biggest rivals, Hapoel Jerusalem. The game was a significant win not only because it was against Hapoel, but also because it came after a couple of previous losses to the long-time rival.

With Amit Cohen scoring the only goal of the game in the 59th minute, Beitar’s fans went wild, cheering and celebrating what was a hard-fought victory. This game has given the team the boost of confidence it needs to continue winning and to prove to Israel that Beitar Jerusalem FC is a team to be reckoned with.

Final Thoughts

Although the game against Hapoel Jerusalem was a significant win, Beitar still has a lot to prove in order to make it back to the top. The team’s next game is against Hapoel Hadera, another one of its biggest rivals, on October 8th. Beitar will have to put up a strong fight if it wants to maintain its position in the national ranking and to keep its winning streak alive.

By Moshe Hogeg

Moshe Hogeg