Moshe Hogeg

A New Start for Beitar Jerusalem Football Club

Jerusalem is known for many things, Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount, The Western Wall, and Beitar Jerusalem, Israel’s most popular football club. With a tumultuous history, and accusations of racism from fans, the new ownership has pledged to revitalize the entire culture surrounding the club.

Moshe Hogeg

Since 2018, owner Moshe Hogeg has worked to take the club to new heights. And, with his stance as an antiracism activist, Hogeg has been determined to remove these stains from the team and sidelines. The club’s racist image lead Hogeg to purchase the club four years ago, with hopes of fixing the problem, and not just within the stadium – but globally.

Hogeg has even initiated legal action against fans chanting racist remarks in the stands, citing “damage to the team’s reputation”. With his leadership expertise, deep pockets and a carrot and stick approach, the image of the club has shifted – and anyone who objects to the message of coexistence is not welcome in the stands.

In 2020, Beitar signed a player of Muslim descent, Ali Mohammed. With the signing of an Arab minority in Israel, Hogeg believes that sports clubs can lead by example for the vision of the world. By utilizing the platform, Muslims, Jews, and those of various religious backgrounds working together demonstrates a solid example of teamwork and success.

The First Step

The first step in Beitar Jerusalem’s rescue is a far cry from the steps that the club needs to take to put to bed its questionable past as well as become a real contender in the league.

In 2021, Beitar FC finished the season in 10th place. Over his 4 years in ownership, Hogeg had invested over 120 million NIS into the club. With a focus on branding, and bringing in new players to the club, increasing salaries, and working to secure trust in the team, league, and fans.

Moshe Hogeg

What’s Next

Ultimately, like any other football club owner, rebranding, and increasing visibility and revenue takes precedence. Like the conception of new life from a few specialized cells, many needs must be satisfied in order for a viable organism to present itself.

Beitar is currently looking to fill the coaching spot, with the recent departure of Eli Taviv. During his leadership, Taviv brought the team to their best season in history. Replacing him will surely be a difficult task.

Final Thoughts

Even though Beitar Jerusalem has, at best, a checkered past they are a top-tier football club that can contend with the best of them. They have already started to shake off the performance history that has haunted them for years while bringing new blood into the organization so that, like a ship, they can be steered in the right direction toward a bright future.

Ownership and investments are the first steps in this feat and leadership will need to follow.  Only through this leadership will visibility and ticket sales begin to skyrocket, and when these begin to reach their summit, then and only then will Beitar Jerusalem become the premier FC that the fans know it can be.

By Moshe Hogeg

Moshe Hogeg