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Moshe Hogeg

In today’s landscape blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and associated technologies have stood out for the value that they can bring to organizations’ and individuals’ processes. Those who want to learn more about the technology sector, its systems, and impact typically turn to professionals who have the experience and expertise in the field. Reason being these professionals have the ability to teach others vital information on the space and can help them contextualize their effort.

Moshe Hogeg is an entrepreneur with years of experience in the technology sector who has dedicated his insights and expertise to help others grow their understanding of the space. Moshe recognizes that he is in the unique position as a technology innovator, business development professional, and investor to contribute to conversations addressing core concepts within his field. Through a collection of high-level resources addressing pertinent topics within his field, Moshe hopes to inspire individuals to connect with their passion for innovative technologies and leverage them for both personal and professional success. 

About Moshe Hogeg

Moshe Hogeg is a business development professional and entrepreneur who has built his reputation on his innovative approaches to business throughout the span of over a decade. Moshe was born in Beersheba in 1981 and raised in Meitar to a Tunisian father and Moroccan mother. As a professional, Moshe Hogeg specializes in technology and has holdings representing over $2 billion in value. Throughout his career, Moshe has made it a point to collaborate with organizations leading the charge to implement advancing technologies and reap its many benefits for security, maintenance, payment, and more.

Moshe Hogeg leveraged his passion and knowledge of his field to found Mobli in 2010, with the venture attracting multiple celebrity investors such as Leonardo di Caprio and Serena Williams. Hogeg eventually co-founded Yo app in 2014, which would earn a between$5 and $10 million valuation that same year. Moshe is perhaps most well-known for his ventures into cryptocurrency soon and donated $1.9 million to Tel Aviv University for blockchain research at the institution and for the founding of the Alignment Blockchain Hub. Moshe also was responsible for a huge step in cryptocurrency when he purchased land in Kfar Shmaryahu in Tel Aviv paying 15% of the purchase price in Bitcoin —the first, real estate transactions in Israel using crypto.

Throughout 2017 and 2018, Moshe Hogeg notably led three ICOs for his companies Stx Technologies Limited, Sirin Labs, and Leadcoin, where he was able to raise over $250 million in funding. Over the course of his career, Hogeg has invested in a wide variety of ventures including Delek Group, Moonactive, StoreDot, BidFlyer, and Telegram. Moshe Hogeg was also a chairman at Singulariteam Ltd. and owner of Beitar Jerusalem FC. Hogeg is currently the Chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute advancing research, education, and spreading knowledge on the game changing technologies associated with blockchain.

Those who have worked with Moshe Hogeg on any of his professional ventures and projects speak to how he is a professional who is extremely passionate about keeping up with advancing technologies and their impact. Hogeg’s immense knowledge of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and investment strategies for tech startup ventures has been cited as one of the reasons for his continued success within industry. Moshe Hogeg’s peers also note that he is very interested in giving back to his community and is a proponent of educating others on how technological innovations can be leveraged to improve our quality of life and make a difference within our world.

 Moshe’s strategic vision, keen eye for detail, and willingness to teach have made him an indispensable asset for a wide range of organizations. Moshe Hogeg is also known for utilizing his expertise to contribute to conversations driving innovation within his field and speaks to how others can seize opportunities through expanding their knowledge of blockchain, crypto, and new technologies that can be beneficial for numerous organizational processes.

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Moshe Hogeg

Moshe Hogeg’s Skills and Areas of Expertise

Moshe upholds that the skills and expertise that he has accumulated over the course of his technology career have remained critical to his success within the industry. Below are a few of Moshe Hogeg’s most notable skills and areas of expertise.

  • Blockchain
  • Crypto
  • Investing
  • Technology
  • Team Building
  • Startups
  • Administration
  • Strategic Goal Setting
  • Sports Ownership
  • Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Philanthropy
  • Research
  • Analysis

In addition to these areas of expertise, Moshe Hogeg is continuously working towards building his acumen to keep up with best practices, advancing technologies, strategic investments, and ways technology can be implemented for organizations’ and individuals’ success. With this in mind, Moshe is a proponent of trainings, certifications, and additional learning opportunities to empower himself and his collaborators to remain successful within the technology space. Moshe Hogeg also encourages peers and colleagues to seize these opportunities as well and is supportive of initiatives that contribute to more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible spaces within tech.

More from Moshe Hogeg

The technology sector is incredibly fast paced, necessitating that individuals interested in keeping up with developments in blockchain, crypto, and more seek resources from reputable sources plugged into the industry. Moshe Hogeg maintains that those experienced professionals and thought leaders are in the unique position to help others learn more about technology, career opportunities available in the field, benefits of implementation, etc. He also notes that knowledge of advancing technologies can also be beneficial for personal reasons as well, empowering people to make strong decisions in terms of their tech for data security, payment processes, and more.

To this point, Moshe aims to contribute to key conversations and include a variety of resources that demystify the technology sector. Future posts will address pertinent topics such as the various uses of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology developments, and supporting technologies that are currently paving the way for innovation.

Are you interested in learning more about technology, crypto, blockchain, and more from an experienced professional in the space such as Moshe Hogeg? Check this blog frequently for more insights, updates, and resources provided by Moshe.